14 July, 2008

Taste Adventure - Calamari

A few weeks back we attended Greek Fest. It was a Greek day - with blazing heat, lots of people, dancing, and so much food! Hosted by the Calgary Hellenic Society it is a display of Greek culture through performances, hospitality, and food. Oh, and oddly, one Ukrainian dance performance.

We loaded up on souvlaki, potatoes, and calamari. By the time we found a seat among the crowded tables the Monster was clawing at us to get to the food. That's normal - she always wants to eat. We weren't sure if she would want anything besides the pita since cucumbers are a recent addition to the diet and meat only makes sporadic appearances. And forget about pototoes entirely. We did not anticipate the calamari to be the object of desire.

The plates were set down, she climbed up on the rickety folding chair, and before you can say, "Opa!" her hands were on those rings of squid. Like most kids she first saw them as a carrier for tzatziki. What is it with kids and dip of any kind? After some very deliberate licks of garlicky goodness she chomped down on that fried ring of cephalopod. Then she grabbed more and more. It still had to be dipped in tzatziki, of course. Unfortunately for us, she ate most of it.

This gives us hope for when we return to restaurant adventures Greek can be high on the list. Calamari can keep her busy for hours.

Calgary Hellenic Society

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