04 May, 2009


This week is all about beer.  Well, not really, but I want it to be.  Hubby is away for work - the longest separation we've had since marriage and kids.  After 5 days all I can say is kudos to all single parents out there!  I will never divorce Hubby if only to avoid being a single parent, no matter how much he may irk me some days.  So by the end of the day all I want to do is crack open a Trad and relax in the last of the evening sun.  Alas, I have no beer.  And there is something too trashy about going into the liquor store with a toddler and infant in tow, for a 6-pack.

In the third week of The Kitchn Cure we were tasked to finish up all previous tasks, buy any needed equipment, and generally get ready for upcoming weeks.  This meant actually getting rid of the stuff I cleaned out.  Thankfully I had a girlfriend visit who was headed to the thrift store the following day.  Phew, saved me a trip to Goodwill.

One of the things that went out the door was this collection of bottle openers.  In this day of twist-offs these were simply taking up space.  Of course, there are always a few craft beers that make their way into the fridge that need an opener.  I did keep one.  It's a long way from the house we lived in ten years ago that had one of those soda fountain openers attached to the island in the kitchen.

Before I hit the liquor store and Lee Valley for my long desired microplane I will ask you - what useless tool have you found in your kitchen?


Unknown said...

Yes, I have had those same quandries about going into a liquor store with the kiddos :)
Love those beer bottle openers! Now that my hubby makes his own beer, we only have pop tops around this house.

Anonymous said...

I have some pot accessories that came with a set - mysterious things like plastic lids and something that claims to be a strainer/steamer but looks more like a pot-sized cheese grater.

Anonymous said...

If buying 6 - pack would be trashy, then pick up a case or two! Seriously, that's provisioning for the future and that's a homemaker's duty!

Good for you for doing the kitchen cure!