27 July, 2009

A Business Idea

My brother and his wife, and numerous friends of mine are fantastic with their kids' birthday cakes.  I default to cupcakes, but these folks are producing cars, trains, pirate ships, teapots, and yes, a box of crayons. Yes, I am jealous.

So my new business idea - feel free to steal it as long as you promise to give me royalties for life - is a bakery that specializes in kids' cakes.  This isn't Ace of Cakes perfection.  This is stayed-up-til-midnight-dotting-buttercream-on-cake-mix love. Someone should be baking and selling cakes that look like mom and dad made them the night before, so mom and dad can pass them off as homemade - to their kids and their friends.

Again, all I ask for is royalties.

The above cake was another homemade masterpiece by my brother and sister-in-law, in celebration of this little blue eyed wonder.


The Messy Baker said...

I LOVE the Crayola cake. What a super idea. The coloured cones as crayon tips is ingenious.

My mom used to make us specialty cakes shaped like a rabbit, owl, turtle, elephant, penguin, giraffe, teddy bear and butterfly. She didn't use a mold, just baked square, rectangular or round cakes and cut them into patterns. I think Five Roses published the patterns in magazines as a promo.

These cakes were the highlight of the birthday. I don't remember the presents I got, but I still remember the cakes!

Julie said...

I'd buy one! I'm starting to feel pressured to make funky cakes for W, now that he's almost 4... I've never been one for perfectionist cakes though - I love 'em wonky!

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

I remember spending hours decorating cakes for my daughters themed parties..bears, hula girls, swimming pools....