16 September, 2009

Well then

As a parent I often question the sanity and relevance of what I'm doing.  Daily.  Should I force her to clear her plate, where are her manners, do time-outs really work?  Then, once in a blue moon, they say or do something that makes you stand up and applaud yourself.  Yay, something I'm doing in sinking in! Case in point, this morning.

The Monster: What are you doing Mama?
Me: Making peach crisp.
The Monster: Oh, can I have some? (picking at the topping)
Me: Just one piece, the rest has to go on top of the peaches.
The Monster: But Mama, I'm just an Eater.

I won't be changing the name of the blog anytime soon, but she quite handily settled the debate between Foodie and Gourmet.


Anonymous said...

Yes, the little monkeys grow up quickly and often utter gems of wisdom that we wish we had wrtten down and saved. Your little girl's comment was so appropriate.

I have a question: you devote an enticing sidebar section to "This Week from Thompson Wright" but none of the recipes seem to be accessible. How can I find them?

H.Peter said...

Brilliant "bon mot".

Aimée said...

Heh. Funny.

Saw you won something over at Foodie Tots..did you know? congrats!

Your sis-in-law said...

Spit out my coffee when I read that! Tell the monster her auntie (while taking a break from being a healer) is just an eater as well!

Kevin Kossowan said...

I too, declare myself just an eater. Kids say the darndest things.

*Dancing*Queen* said...

Hahaha..very cute..this is Farren by the way, I just had to make a blog for school, nothing interesting but check it out if you want to

Julie said...

Aw. So proud. Snif.

Cheryl Arkison said...

To Anonymous... I've merely been keeping record of what I made with the CSA bounty, but haven't blogged each recipe. If there are any that you are curious about send me an email and I'll be happy to share.

Anonymous said...

Okay, now I get it about the Thompson Wright reference! What a good idea to show people what's possible with the bounty that comes in those CSA boxes. Thanks for sharing, Cheryl.