29 October, 2009

The Most Fantastic Raisin Bread Ever

The little one is sick.  It garnered a trip to the ER last night, on what one nurse described as the craziest night she's ever had at the Children's Hospital. But with some steroids and lots of rest she and I are both feeling better.

Today, however, was a day for snuggles and gratitude.  So I sifted through some photos and pulled together this little photo essay.  We spent a chilly Saturday in the kitchen and with some old magazines.  Thanks to Julie and this interview I had a strong desire for raisin bread.  A very strong desire. 

Thank-you Gourmet for the most fantastic raisin bread ever.  Seriously, all raisin bread should include cardamom, whether it is Finnish or not. Anyone know what makes it Finnish?  It just seemed like a challah with raisins and cardamom. And who cares?  Just get in the kitchen, get messy, and bake some.


Charmian @ Christie's Corner said...

Glad your little one's okay. With the H1N1 going around it's scary.

This raising bread makes me want to reach through the monitor and pinch myself a piece.

Hope things settle down for you in time for Halloween.

Vincci said...

What darling photos! Glad to hear that both you and Smilosaurus are doing a little better :)

Lele said...

Those pictures are BEAUTIFUL!

Both the children and the bread. Braided bread is just more gorgeous than regular bread!

Julie said...

So glad to hear Smilasaurus is on the mend! Scary stuff. I like your raisin bread cure-all.

Tonya said...

The bread looks wonderful. I will definitely be trying that soon. Sorry your little one is sick, it is so hard when they are that young. Take care.

Mixing Bowl Mama said...

Wow...I love the look of your bread braids and I think adding cardamom to raisin bread is a brilliant idea.

Anonymous said...

Man, I want some of that right now.