26 March, 2010

Only in My House?

Hubby has a disgusting habit. Okay, he has more than one. Opening beer bottles with his teeth, eating knobs of butter, just butter, and eating dried macaroni by the handful. And much to my chagrin, he's passed on those habits to our youngest child. Not the beer bottle one - yet.

Yes, when we bake she steals bits of butter and I've found her with her finger in the butter dish more than once. Are you cringing just a little at that? I am.

Lately, however, the macaroni habit has become an obsession. All our dry goods are stored in glass jars on open shelves above the stove.  She literally tries to climb up the stove, yelling, "Macaroni please!"

At first I refused, fearing that she would choke. We've been down that road and I was terrified of another ambulance visit. Eventually I relented, letting her have just one. She chomped down, chewed it up, and asked for more. So now she and her Daddy sit with handfuls of dried macaroni, crunching and laughing together over the naughtiness of their habit.

Does anyone else do this? Or is my family just this special? (Sarah, don't answer that)


AML said...

I don't know if it is good to eat dry pasta. Doesn't it swell in your tum? I've tried it a couple times, and it's kinda unpleasant. As for the butter thing, obviously at some point it becomes harmful. The beer cap thing is just insane! Add the macaroni to the mix and you'll need dentures before you know it.

jean said...

We often ate dry pasta as kids . . . I wouldn't be too worried. The butter doesn't sound like a problem either if your girl is at a healthy weight (my son's is a bit too skinny so we're loading everything up with butter).

Caitlyn said...

Well of course your family is just that special! However Lindsey and I always used to eat dry spaghetti and I won't lie - I've been known to stick my finger in the butter dish! It must be a Ross thing :)

Vivian said...

This brings back memories! I once tried to convince my babysitter (the one watching ME) that Mom said I could have butter and sugar mixed together...as much as I wanted! Never tried dried pasta though.

Your sis-in-law said...


Anonymous said...

Cheryl, I laughed when I read this entry. I have an eight year old who does this. And she can be quite annoyed with me when I empty the entire package into boiling water without first giving her some dry.
Karen S in Edmonton