16 May, 2010

Best intentions

Woohoo! We had some hot, sunny weather this weekend. That called for doing almost nothing. Okay, I did little while Hubby worked hard to get the swing set completed.

Grandma was down for visit yesterday, so we sat in the sunshine enjoying a cocktail or two and visiting in between pushes on the swings and loads of "Watch me, ______!" I browsed cookbooks and finally made my current obsession, a Negroni.

And, as far as cooking goes, making a cocktail was about as far as I got. Grandma took us out for dinner last night. Tonight I got home from an afternoon meeting ridiculously late.  Hubby had already ordered pizza, so the planned steak and ice cream were shot down. Oh, and I should clarify that by making the cocktail I actually mean I told Hubby what to do from the comfort of my chair in the backyard.

What? I took my first walk yesterday in 4 months, I earned the rest. And the drink.


Lemon or grapefruit

1. Mix together equal parts of each alcohol. Serve with a twist of lemon or, my preference, pink grapefruit.

(PS  That David Rocco book is surprisingly pretty good to read, and inspiring.)


Lee D said...

wasn't the weather amazing I sure hope it holds out for this weekend too. glad you had a good visit with grandma! cocktails in the sun are the best!

Jan (Family Bites) said...

The drink sounds lovely - and so does your weekend.

Unknown said...

Campari...hmmm...I'm going to have to google that! My preference is usually pink grapefruit over lemon anyday of the week. I love lemon but there is something so refreshing about pink grapefruit.

My new favorite cookbooks are Cake Keeper Cakes and Jamie at Home (Jamie Oliver).

So glad you are starting to get up and around again!

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

Reading David Rocco inbetween sips is a good way to spend the afternoon.