17 October, 2010

More Pyrohy

Pyrohy, I've decided, are a perfect Sunday dinner. The main reason for this is because Sunday morning many of us think to make bacon. Then we are too lazy to do the dishes before the birthday parties and errands so that pan with bacon grease is still sitting on the stove when the pyrohy are ready. And that pan is begging to be reheated and filled with just-boiled pyrohy for dinner. Yeah, Sunday.

Of course, I had to make the pyrohy first. Thankfully today I had company and a really well-timed nap from the girls. Andree and Gwendolyn came over for a little, old fashioned pyrohy bee. Well, really, I got the games started by making the dough then put them to work making pyrohy. And they were stellar for their first time ever!

We stuck with traditional fillings of mashed potato with cheese and bacon, plain mashed potato, and sauerkraut. Potatoes from our CSA and sauerkraut courtesy of my parent's suburban kitchen. I prepped it all this morning. And taking a cue from the lady's at my parent's church - home of a ridiculously large bimonthly pyrohy supper - we scooped and rolled our mashed potatoes ahead of time. Makes for faster and easier folding of the pyrohy.

Andree said that my babbling and instructions was like watching a cooking show. Minus the couch and red wine! I was a little chatty with pyrohy stories, who knew I had so much to say? Of course, that may have more to due with being surrounded by the kids for weeks now with little adult company than my extensive knowledge of pyrohy.

Did I mention the single parenting? That would also be why I needed pyrohy for dinner, with kale on the side, roasted carrots, kubasa, and the cookies both Gwendolyn and Andree brought us (chocolate chip with bacon and shortbread). And now I shall sit on the couch and drink my wine, with or without a cooking show.


Jan @ Family Bites said...

Lovely!!! I have no idea how to make those, but would love to give it a go sometime. The cookies sound pretty fab too.

Exploded Daniel said...

I have stayed strong as a dumpling purist...well, pure in that I have never eaten....I'm just gonna write 'perogies' (and Dr. Seuss' name doesn't really sound like that either). This has inched ever so closer to the breaking point.

Julie said...

Looks wonderful! I love pyroghy bees! A far better way to catch up than at Starbucks.

Hi, I'm Natalie. said...

Pyroghy are also excellent Monday dinners. And Tuesdays. And Wednesday lunches. And Thursday breakfast. And, um, after-dinner snacks. Any day of the week. ;>)

Karen said...

Mmmm, You are making me nostalgic for my hometown of Flin Flon, Manitoba...where perogies were up there with the allstar status of Hockey....well, Hockey probably gets first place there, but perogies a close second!
I never have actually made them though...just tried to find worthy store bought versions. So far only costco has come close, but still not what I am really wanting. Now I have a new mission though. "Perogie maker extrodinaire"! Thanks for the inspiration! Do I really have to wait til sunday though???

Nicole said...

I love your blog. Check mine out at "The Daily Dine" on Blogspot.

Have a great day!