23 March, 2009

Never Turn Your Back in the Kitchen

Winter storms attacked us again.  Sneaking in from behind they walloped us good yesterday.  It wasn't much of a day for venturing out, although we did that - there is something to be said for the snowsuit overtop of PJs.  Rather, it was a day for the oven.  And really, it was a day for the couch, but unless you want to watch this all day you have to get up and encourage the kids to jump on the beds.  

With a pile of carrots and parsnips in the house stew was on the menu.  Passion fruit ice cream too, but that will come another day.  The Monster and I set about peeling veg while Hubby tried to rest on the couch.  Oh, did I mention that all four of us have colds right now?  So we get all our veg peeled and chopped and I set to browning the beef.  After a quick deglaze of the pan with orange juice (my favourite thing to use when making stew) I turned around to grab all my veg.  As you can see from the above photo I had cause to pause.  We have a 'no hands on the cutting board' rule in the house, but apparently that doesn't apply to rubber duckies.

There are so many reasons to cook with your kids, giggles notwithstanding.


Holli said...

oh dear -- that really made me laugh.

The Diva on a Diet said...

Thanks for the chuckle, I enjoyed that immensely!

Am fighting off a cold of my own ... and a bit of laughter is indeed good medicine. :)

Here's hoping you'll all be on the mend soon!

Anonymous said...

Hello Cheryl,

Made it, and love the picture of the ducky and veggies...you see I have 3 kids, and 2 of those are twins, so you can imagine what I found about anywhere and every where :)

Manon From Ontario

Aimée said...

I love a good braised duck but this one looks a tad on the tough side.
Get better; summer is coming.
PS Thanks for including the link, that was cool.