15 March, 2009

What Do I Do With All These Radishes?

It can be pretty tough, but ridiculously rewarding to eat local whenever and wherever you can. But where do you start? Where can you buy? Who makes the stuff? And hey, what do I do with all the radishes I find in July?

There is a great event coming up for Calgary and area folks called Local 101. From the farmer to the chef to the shopper, come and learn more about what it takes to eat local. More importantly, come and learn more about the opportunities we have for fantastic products grown and produced in our own backyard. You'll meet farmers, writers, and a lot of cooks who live and breathe and eat local.

Eating local is fundamental to the grocery purchases in our house, and to the lessons we aim to teach the girls. Somedays I feel like I'm snotty and giving off a major superiority vibe when I talk to other moms about this fact. And other days I feel like everyone I know does this, so what's the big deal? The truth is, there are more people in my circle who shop at the big box grocery stores and Costco than shop at the farmer's market. There are more people I know who complain about the white, expensive strawberries available in March than wonder whether they should even be eating strawberries in the waning days of winter.

So I've invited a few friends and we're heading out to Local 101. They've all heard me from my pulpit, I hope some good farmers will inspire them to get a little dirty and see what our Prairie sun offers.


Isabelle said...

I heard about this event and wished they had a similar one happening in Edmonton. It sounds great. And I know what you mean about coming off as snobbish by talking about eating local food ... I worry about that all the time. I guess I shouldn't be so paranoid.

Shut Up & Cook said...

We have been in radish overload from our CSA, so this recipe is a great and delicious way to use them up. The greens too!


Bucatini Pasta with Garlic, Anchovy, and Olive Oil tossed with Radish Bulbs and Greens sautéed with Green Garlic and Chives and finished with a Fried Egg