26 June, 2009

Get It While You Can

This weekend is possibly the last one for Edgar Farms asparagus.  Go get some!

Just this week we've had it steamed, with loads of butter and served with lobster at a Forage Farm table Dinner.  We've had it grilled, in pasta salad, raw, and on the pizza above.  Lightly blanched asparagus with Gull Valley cherry tomatoes, Fairwinds Farm Goat Cheese, and some oregano.



Miriam said...

That pizza looks fabulous and delicious too! Yum.

Maki said...

I too have eaten so much asparagus the last while. We mostly like to just pan fry in butter with salt and pepper. So simple but SO good.

brown robin said...

Oh man! You're making me hungry... and it's 6:30 a.m.

Isabelle said...

Mmm, that pizza looks amazing. I have been buying a bunch of their asparagus a week and it's so good. This week and I roasted it and already gobbled it all up since Saturday!