22 November, 2009

Does it count?

Back when I was full of energy and vigor and swiss chard I entered my Frico recipe in the Safeway Cheese Champions contest. To be honest, I saw the ad on Facebook and was bored.  Yup, I actually noticed the ad, that's how bored I was. 

So I entered and found out recently that I won something.  Sadly, it was not the grand prize.  That means no Mama/Daddy time in Lake Louise for free.  But I did get a grocery gift card and it will buy our dairy for a couple of weeks. No complaints there.

And, if you are in a Safeway in the coming weeks, probably only in Western Canada, pick up the Safeway Cheese Champions book.  You will find my recipe and more in there. Oh, and a teeny tiny picture of me and The Monster. 


Unknown said...

Congrats!! What was the recipe?
I love the idea of food contests:)

Vincci said...

Congrats Cheryl! Now I'm going to have to go try those Fricos!

Charmian @ Christie's Corner said...

Congratulations! I don't live in the West, so won't be able to pick up a copy.

Hope you make the most of your cheese winnings!

Julie said...

Wow, congrats! are you going to share the recipe? :)

Anonymous said...

What is this 'bored' of which you speak?

Regardless, congrats on your win. I'm sure it was well deserved.