02 July, 2010


There are people who cannot start their day without a fresh cup of coffee. In my Hubby's case, it is a Venti Americano from Starbucks. (Oddly, he is too lazy to make a pot of coffee at home, but not too lazy to get in the car and drive to Starbucks or go for a walk with the girls.)

Me, I can't stand coffee. Hate it, hate anything that tastes like it. No mocha, no tiramisu, no chocolate covered coffee beans. And no amount of convincing or tastes of supposedly the best-cup-of-coffee-ever will make me change my mind.

But pour me a boiling hot cup of strong black tea, maybe with a touch of honey, and I am a happy girl. Generally, I have a pot in the morning, and maybe one in the afternoon.  Of late, however, my stomach hasn't been so happy with all that tea. So I have a cup, maybe two, and that's it. I can't break the habit of making an entire pot though.

So I do what any sane Ukrainian girl/miser would do. I pour the leftover tea in a jar and place it in the fridge. With a splash of lemonade or a bit of simple syrup I now have iced tea for an afternoon treat or with dinner.

You could cold brew your iced tea, sure, but frankly, I find that takes too long and uses more tea bags than necessary. And I already have the tea made and it would otherwise go to waste. It is perfect for a picnic or a hot afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Finally I find someone who dislikes coffee as much as I do! The only thing I have found that I can tolerate is a Coffee Crisp chocolate bar. People still get astounded when I tell them I don't even like coffee ice cream.

Jan (Family Bites) said...

I hate coffee too! I've never had a cup but just can't cope with the tastes that I have had via mocha something or other. Like you, I'm a tea girl through and through.

Charmian @Christie's Corner said...

Love coffee. I'll have yours.

And I quite like tea, too. So should you come over sometime we can have a nice cuppa. With chocolate something. Sound good?