22 November, 2010


It was the perfect Sunday dinner, minus the tantrums before hand. Roast beef, mashed potatoes, brussels sprouts and carrots. There was even chocolate cake for dessert. There was no gravy.

Half hour before we were to sit down Hubby informs me that he isn't feeling well. That perhaps it is now his turn with the tummy bug making its way through our house. Sigh. It was at that point that I nixed the gravy. Actually, I might have told the gravy to go do something else.

As I realized last week, Hubby really is my audience. The girls could have cared less about a big roast beef dinner. In fact, they only wanted the chocolate cake. But I made them sit with me while Hubby moaned in front of the hockey game. Only one of them ate anything, both spent the entire meal screaming or singing, and I fought tears of frustration over my now cold roast beef. There may have been a tantrum or two as well.

The frustration got to me. One was sent to her room, the other to a quiet spot by the front door. I spent 20 minutes cleaning up after dinner saying, "No, you may not come out yet." Bring on the therapist's bill if it turns out they are gay and I control their honesty by my need to do the dishes in peace.

Honestly folks? I'm just cracking. Too much stress, too much work, too much single parenting, too much whining (on everyone's part). I think it's time to regroup. Anyone have a Mexican vacation they want to give me? A cabin in the woods with a personal chef/masseuse? No? I guess I'll settle for a hot bath, a good scotch, and a trashy book.

It was a good meal. It really was. Maybe, just sometimes, I should give in an let them eat the damn cake and we'd all be happier.


Lee D said...

oh dear I feel for you. Although my husband is in town...he is harldy ever here until 7pm. After all the dinner scquabbles and rush. these days I am frustrated because no one is home to eat..so why bother? but then they are hungry. the worse is when he is home before us after we have rushed out the door at 5 and wonders why the kitchen is still a mess! Cheer up, snuggle up with some coco today and let the girls play.

Kelly said...

Hang in there! I cannot imagine doing all you do, give yourself a pat on the back and a quiet bath after they go to bed. Heck, get a sitter and take a spa day!

Kevin Kossowan said...

Yep. Can relate. I've tossed in the towel many times on dinners for the kids. I no longer feel bad leaving them with their crudités and salami and bread with butter and juice or milk...again. Or. Cheerios.

Tantrums suck.

Jan @ Family Bites said...

Oh, I feel for you. Take comfort in knowing that although the days are long, the years are short and they go by quickly. And feeding them cake for dinner will be something you'll all remember, and enjoy, so why not do it?!