07 November, 2010

Iron Will

He would have loved it.

Steak sandwiches with carmelized onions and radishes. Served on fig and fennel bread from The Bakery at the Market. The last of our CSA beets, roasted and tossed with white balsamic vinegar. Spinach salad with pomegranates.

Hubby is away again. Was he ever home? We all miss him terribly He misses us. Everyone is exhausted and cranky. We have to think big picture for this short term sacrifice of our normal family life. Dammit, it's hard. I was very tempted to serve popcorn for dinner again but steaks that I took out a few days ago needed to be cooked. And I thought we girls needed to sit down to a proper meal. Away from the TV, the computer, and a million library books.

So we sat together over some red meat and songs. And we talked about Daddy.


NS Foster said...

Hey, all the best to you guys, eh? I know the feeling--my dad was away for a good chunk of my childhood but fortunately, we've had a million hours to make up for it. Heck, we're probably closer in the years since I grew up and left the house than anything else :) You'll get there.

gail said...

awww so very sad, and bittersweet? I hope the time passes quite quickly for you all!!! Hang in there.

Timbo said...

It's a crime to humanity that there is not a picture of said steak sandwhich! One of my favourite dishes of all time.